Minimalistic, lean & mean, node.js cms

Why enduro?

Built for speed

Clicking is lame. With enduro.js, exactly zero clicks are necessary to build the whole project.

Killer admin ui

Somebody non-technical will eventually manage content on the website. You might as well provide this person with awesome, beautiful, quick and simple experience.

Blazing fast

Slow pageloads are the worst. Enduro pregenerates pages to provide the fastest possible response time. Coupled with direct uploading to cdn – can’t get any faster.

Build tool

Sass check. Spritessheet generation check. Enduro.js comes with set of build tools to build everything on the server. Forget about ftping built files.

Live reload

Enduro.js comes with browsersync build in and everything hooked up. Change the color in sass file – BOOM – 0.1 seconds later you see the new color in your browser.

Code separation

Enduro.js is built around handlebars. Logiless templates. No way to spagetticode it now.

Shared templates

Html components written for backend are accessible to frontend’s javascript as well. Amazing.

Isomorphic javascript

Using javascript for both frontend and backend is just a great idea. With enduro.js, all your javascript modules can now be loaded by page generation, api and frontend code.

Deploy by git

What do you need to deploy the project? Git url. Thats it. Everything is set up. Server will build everything with enduro.js.


Enduro.js projects are self-contained and ready to be web-scaled with push of a button.

Flat files

No database. Just tiny flat files. Ready to be edited by your favorite text editor. Incredibly convenient, ready to be stored in git. No setup required.

Rapid api

Enduro comes with a simple framework built on top of express. Using raw power of node.js you can add mongodb or complex functionality to your website.


Learning curve so flat it is actually going down. No setup, no magic. Enduro.js comes with a scaffolding to set you up and get you running quickly.


So you are making a website that will be published in multiple languages? Built in. Out of the box. No setup.

Open source

Enduro.js is open-source and free to use. Distributed under the MIT License

Good parts

Only the best ingredients were used when making Enduro. Handlebars, Sass, Gulp, Bootstrap, Angularjs, Browsersync, Express, Jasmine, Git, Npm and Heroku

Shout out to pexels and freepik