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Enduro themes

Enduro.js themes are the best way to get you up and running as fast as possible. They are also great first contact to enduro.js since you get to see the finished product, which you can then just tweak to your liking.

To see which themes are available, just visit Theme manager homepage.

Getting started with enduro.js themes

First you have to make sure you have node.js installed on your machine. Second prerequisite is having enduro.js installed globally (just run npm i enduro -g).

Create a project out of a theme

To start just run:

$ enduro theme mirror

This will find a mirror theme, download it, install its npm and bower dependencies and start enduro.js. Then you can just go to localhost:5000/admin to put in your content and make finished website

How to deploy your page

Once you fill you content there are two ways you can make the page accessible:

Static hosting

enduro.js pregenerates static html files, which you can just upload to a server and serve statically. No node.js required. Some providers even allows you to host a static page for free - check out github pages

Node.js dynamic hosting

This will run enduro on a server and provide you with same admin functionality as if you were using localhost. I suggest you use heroku for this Heroku. It's affordable and easy to use.

Creating enduro.js themes

enduro.js theme is just an enduro.js project made in a general enough way so it can be used by other people just by changing the content. Everybody is more than welcome to contribute by creating a pull request to Github repository of this website. The file is quite self-explanatory.

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Shout out to pexels and freepik