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Enduro.js for managers

To get an idea of what enduro.js is and how you might use it, let’s compare it to market leader – wordpress.

Easy vs fast?

With wordpress, it is easy to build a website.
With enduro.js, it is fast to build a website.

enduro.js is not necessary easy to use. It has great, easy-to-use admin interface, but to create a web project in enduro.js you will need a professional node.js developers.

CMS vs framework

WordPress is a content management software.
Enduro.js is a web development framework.

Enduro.js has all these tools built in and is ready to be deployed in a web scale cloud delivery service of your choice.

Isomorphic javascript

WordPress splits it’s code to frontend and backend.
Enduro.js has only one language – javascript all over the stack.

With the technological advances of javascript and node.js, it is crazy efficient to use only one language instead of using two.

Click or code

With wordpress, you have graphical interface to set up the project.
With enduro.js, you have command line interface to set up the project.

Look, clicking is lame and slow. I don’t want to waste my time clicking on things, do you? If you have professionals at your company they prefer typing.

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Shout out to pexels and freepik