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Iconfont generators

making svg icons

Iconfont generator

Just place one icon per file in svg format in assets/fonticons . Enduro will process these files and generate an icon font and an associated stylesheet. Finally, all you need to do is include the produced .scss file :

@import '../../_generated/_prebuilt/icons';

Using generated iconfont

Once you have included the generated scss file, you can use the icons in two ways:

In sass

@include icon(user)

In html

<i class="icon-user></i>

Making icons

I use adobe illustrator to create icons. Check out this sample file. To export the file, I choose ‘use artboards’ option, which will save as many svg files as there are artboards in the file.

making svg icons

Thanks to which enduro uses internally to make all this happen.

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Shout out to pexels and freepik