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Introduction to admin

So, with enduro.js, the content is stored in flat json-like files, such as this:

    title: 'My first blog post!',
    text: 'Too bad I have nothing to write',
    background-image: ''

Which will display this out of the box in the admin interface

Awesome features

So you have your content defined in content files. You can edit these content files out-of-the-box with enduro, but with termination you can customize how the content filed is edited by user.

Accessing admin

If you run enduro on your local machine you can access admin on http://localhost:5000/admin. If you are running your enduro project on a server, say on heroku, you can access it at

Adding users

To use admin interface, you must set up at least one administrator user. Do it by running $ enduro admin add <usr> <pass>

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Shout out to pexels and freepik