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Enduro.js exposes some of it’s functionality comfortably under a global variable enduro through the use of linker.

API functions

You can access these libraries under enduro.api

  • temper
  • flat
  • flat_helpers
  • pagelist_generator
  • logger

Example usage

You can render a template in /pages folder dynamically by using enduro.apitemper in the /app/app.js file:

var local_app = function () {}

var temper = enduro.api.temper

local_app.prototype.init = function (app) {
    app.get('/random', function (req, res) {
        temper.render('random', { random_number: Math.random() })
            .then((output) => {

module.exports = new local_app()
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Shout out to pexels and freepik